A friend of mine, Garin, has multiple mysteriously amazing skills.

First of all, he’s a WORLD class pianist. He’s won 13 international piano competitions.

He’s also has become a martial arts expert, a master sculptor, a savvy internet marketer, a dance professional, a stunning magician, has superhuman strength, and a whole host of other incredible skills I’m probably forgetting at this moment.

Needless to say, he has become extremely talented.

So what? You might say. Who cares and what’s that have anything to do with me.

Great question and there’s a very real payoff for you in being able to do ANY activity you love doing with Bruce Lee like movement. Speed, power, along with gentle grace – all combined with pinpoint focus.

When I first met Garin, he showed me something he calls Core Force Energy. He did it by nearly knocking me out (literally).

He demonstrated it to me by way of martial arts, even though it applies to everything I’ve been able to think of (even walking). He showed me a punch the “regular way”. It was pretty normal, showed off his martial arts ability, and was about it. Then he “turned on” and showed me a punch using this thing called core force energy.

Before I could blink, he had 4 punches stop 1 inch from my face. Not 1, not 2… 4 punches. I was floored (and frankly a little scared).

He moved with a speed I had NEVER seen anything close to before.

Then he explained some of how he did it to me, and I was hooked. I ended up going to his house for a training session. At the start of the session I he had me hit a 300lbs punch dummy. It didn’t move when I hit it, only shrugged off my punch like I was a puny ant. Being a 200lbs guy who’s always been super strong, I felt my ego pop like a balloon.

Then he showed me some of this method of tapping into core energy force and using repellent magnetism when striking. He had me hit the 300 lbs dummy again. This time I hit it SO HARD the entire 300lbs dummy (filled with sand & water at the bottom) went FLYING ACROSS THE ROOM. It landed in the corner of the other side of the room, nearly busting his full length wall mirror in the process.

Check out what I mean with Core Force Energy right here:


It didn’t stop there however. Oh no, it got a whole lot better.

Before I rant on further, its important to share with you that there is a downside. You’ve got to think differently and be open enough to try some strange (at first) methods. Garin shared with me what unlocks this hidden strength. Its actually childlike imagination. You’ve got to let go of your preconceived notions about what’s possible. So, yes, there is a bit of wooo-wooo type strangeness to it at first. That quickly passes though as you begin to relax and gain some of the benefits Core Force Energy unlocks. For instance…

Remember the movie “The Matrix”?

There was a part in it where Neo is being shot at on top of the roof by one of the agents. He started moving with “matrix like speed” and avoided all the bullets, except the last one which grazed his thigh. He moved faster than anyone had ever seen.

Well, the next thing Garin showed me was how to use core force energy to move with “matrix” speed and gain superhuman strength. Within a few minutes I too was moving like Neo did. I know this probably sounds like I’ve gone off my rocker, I swear its the truth though.

How is this done:

There are a few key elements Garin showed me that make up Core Force Energy. Using magnets is a big secret. Or, more truthfully, using magnetic energy fields along with your childlike imagination. When you pick up 2 magnets and bring them together, they will either attract strongly, or repel strongly. When you use the repellent aspect of magnets, you’ll notice moving 2 magnets past each other actually speeds the pass through up significantly.

Well, Garin shows people how to “turn on” that force and apply it to any activity they choose. He showed me how to apply it to moving with speed and grace… and bone crushing superhuman power. However, I’ve seen him apply it to playing piano in a way that moves your heart and soul to tears. Or in the sculptures he’s created. Heck, on his website you’ll see a picture of him holding himself upside down with 1 hand on a piano bench and the other playing piano.  That picture is halfway down this page:


So, I’ve drank the coo-lade, so to speak. My review of Core Force Energy leaves it with my highest recommendation. Why? Because its FRICKIN’ INCREDIBLE, that’s why. That’s not hype either as you’ll soon discover for yourself when you check out Core Force Energy and use it for yourself. I don’t recommend other people’s things often, yet this is something to stop what you’re doing now and check out.

Much love

- Otto

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